Do you use Aligners to straighten your teeth?
So Why not whiten your teeth and clean your aligners at the same time? 
Aligner Foam
  •  Whiten Teeth : Why not whiten your teeth as you straighten.
  • Clean Aligners: Clean and disinfect your aligners.
  • Discreet: No one will notice that you are whitening your teeth.
The Alightener Foam is a perfect way to whiten your teeth with either an aligner retainer or any other type of mouth tray. The foam contains a light peroxide formula which gradually whitens teeth with little to no sensitivity. Simply apply one pump to each tray and wear while you are working, study, reading etc... and enjoy a whiter smile as a result.

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Whiten your teeth gradually while you wear your aligners.
Use the product up to 5 times a day for faster results.
No Need for further dental appointments. Whiten from home. 
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See what people are saying about Alightener Foam
This foam is WONDERFUL! I was looking for a new cleaner for my aligners and luckily I found this little gem of a product. They are great for cleaning, and even better for maintaining the results of my teeth whitening treatments. 
- Joanne McNabb, NC
  I love the whitening effect of the Alightener Foam. I wear the foam while at work and used it to whiten almost everyday during my aligner treatment. Now that my teeth are straight I still wear the foam with my aligners to keep my teeth white AND straight!   
- Veronica Luz, FL
This 2 in 1 product was a GREAT find. I soak my aligners in them to keep them clean and healthy when I am not wearing them, and I add it to my trays a few times a day to whiten my smile. Other stronger teeth whitening systems made my teeth sensitive but not this one, and my teeth are finally whiter!  
- David Buckingham, CA
Teeth Whitening Instructions: First make sure that your aligner/retainer is clean and without saliva. Pump the bottle until the foam starts to come out. Apply up to a full pump of foam to each tray and spread the foam out evenly. Place the trays in your mouth and expel any extra foam. Use the foam up to 5 times per day to whiten your smile on the go. Some sensitivity may occur. In the case of tooth sensitivity, reduce the frequency of use until the sensitivity goes away. For continued sensitivity or any other problems discontinue use and consult your dentist right away. Alightener Foam may also be used with many types of mouth trays and dental LED lights.

Retainer Cleaning Instructions:  Place the trays in a clean bowl or your tray case. Cover both trays with the whitening foam especially on the inside and let them sit for 12 minutes. After the trays have soaked for 12 minutes, either place them directly back in the mouth or rinse clean for storage.


Michael Martin
 P.S. Keep the foam away from your eyes and do not rub eyes after applying. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use this product if you have any dental or other health problems. Keep away from children or pets. Store the bottles in a cool place and avoid sunlight or heat. Consult your dentist before use.
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